White Nationalists Rejoice At Trump Victory

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign elevated the voices of explicitly white nationalist movements, including the online haters in the alt-right, who had previously been largely shunned from the larger conservative movement.

It’s no wonder, then, that many of these white nationalist activists celebrated Trump’s victory last night as their own, expressing hope that the president-elect would fulfill their dreams of deporting undocumented immigrants, continue to wake “white racial consciousness” and hire like-minded people to staff his administration.

Richard Spencer, the de facto leader of the alt-right, rejoiced on Twitter:

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The white nationalist website VDARE, edited by former National Review writer Peter Brimelow, similarly rejoiced, and even retweeted a call for Trump to nationalize Twitter, the Clinton Foundation and “George Soros’ US assets”:

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Ardent Trump supporter Ann Coulter retweeted VDARE’s boast that undocumented writer Jose Antonio Vargas will “have to go back” under a Trump administration”:


Coulter also had this advice for Trump:


VDARE writer Steve Sailer retweeted praise, including from Charles Murray, of his “Sailer strategy,” the idea that he has been pushing for years that the GOP can win national elections by driving up its share of the white vote, in part by scapegoating people of color:


And then there was former KKK leader and Louisiana Senate candidate David Duke, who was positively ecstatic:

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