White Nationalists Praise GOP For ‘Moving Towards Us Via Trump’

On white nationalist radio show “The Political Cesspool” on Saturday, host Keith Alexander praised the Republican Party for what he said was its shift towards white nationalism and for protecting “the genius of white people.”

The “pro-white” radio program has previously interviewed Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump adviser Gary Berntsen.

“We’re moving the Republican Party and the conservative party towards nationalism and nationalism based on the race of the majority, which happens to be white in America,” Alexander said.

“We are not moving towards the Republican Party, the Republican Party is moving towards us via Trump,” host James Edwards said.

“Well, I’ll agree with that,” Alexander responded. “Look, that’s what’s happening. Basically, Trump is instinctively saying all the things we are without drawing the final conclusion that we’ve drawn from it, and that will come, folks, have no doubt about it.”

Alexander then said that white people have been wandering in America since 1865 or at the least 1964, similar to how “the Israelites wandered in the wilderness” for 30 to 40 years.

James continued, “This is what the triumph of liberalism has done, and now people are beginning to sense what liberalism’s end game is, and basically it’s gonna destroy our nation and destroy Europe, and the basis for the prosperity of both places, which is the genius of white people.”