When Does The Right Love Separation of Church and State?

According to OneNewsNow, the news service produced by the American Family Association, some on the Right are suddenly concerned about Establishment Clause violations regarding the nefarious religious indoctrination that has begun infiltrating public schools via yoga:  

An ex-yoga teacher turned Christian evangelist says he is disturbed by the growing popularity of yoga programs in schools. He feels adding Hindu-influenced yoga regimens to public school curriculums is not only dangerous but also violates the Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

More than 100 public and private schools across the U.S. are reportedly teaching yoga to young people using a secular curriculum developed by a California woman named Tara Guber. The program she developed for school kids uses terms like “bunny breathing” for yogic panting and “time-in” for meditation. But innocuous as the program may sound, one former yoga instructor says Guber’s curriculum and others like it are a bad idea.

Mike Shreve was a teacher of yoga and meditation at four universities before he was “saved” out of Eastern religions and went on to found a Christian ministry called The True Light Project. He sees some definite dangers in introducing such programs to young people in U.S. schools.

“First of all I believe it is a violation of the commitment this nation has made to the separation of church and state,” Shreve says. “And secondly,” he notes, “I’m surprised that so many schools have started using this in their curriculum — apparently without it being challenged by those who understand the religious roots of yoga.”