What’s Another Word For Antichrist?

You know, it has been a while since we posted anything on someone declaring that President Obama was the Antichist or the harbinger of the Antichrist or something like that …. so here is Mychal Massie writing just that in WorldNetDaily, claiming that Obama’s decision to honor those killed Afghanistan proves “just how narcissistic he is”:

Offended and outraged by his display, I wanted to tell him that while America’s enemies may view him as pusillanimous or as the equivalent of that which a jester’s liripipes factually represent (i.e., two ears and a tail) – I viewed him as a cheap pettifogger who feigns qualities that conceal his true incertitude. I wanted to tell him that he was reducing the office, which should have been his ne plus ultra for good – to a sinister darkness that rivaled Erebus himself.

I would not give him the benefit of the doubt, by saying he had an opportunity to do good and did not. I would submit that he has been a flawed, miserable human being since his early childhood development.

I would also remind him that there is “One” greater than he and the agenda he shares in compliance with his handlers. And the faith of us believers persuades us that he is but the penultimate ephemera preparatory to the zeitgeist that must exist prior to the unveiling of the ultimate evil. In the final analysis, he is potentially the next to the end before that which our Scriptures call the Tribulation Period begins – either way, as an ephemera he is a matter of no lasting significance.

Or maybe Massie just decided that this would be a good subject for a colum allowing him to test out a new thesaurus.