What Is The Right Complaining About Today?

Yesterday we noted, without much surprise, that the Religious Right leaders like Tony Perkins and Richard Land did not react favorably to Newsweek’s latest cover story, “The Religious Case for Gay Marriage.”

To that mix we can now add the American Family Association which, of course, has now launched a letter-writing campaign encouraging its activists to contact Newsweek and cancel their subscriptions:

At least I know where Newsweek now stands on the issue. I ask for accuracy and fairness in your reporting on homosexual marriage in the future. Considering your strong support for homosexual marriage, I very much doubt your ability to be fair and accurate.

Likewise, Al Mohler of the southern Baptist Convention has weighed in to complain that it is just another example of the media carrying water for the gay agenda:

The national news media are collectively embarrassed by the passage of Proposition 8 in California. Gay rights activists are publicly calling on the mainstream media to offer support for gay marriage, arguing that the media let them down in November. It appears that Newsweek intends to do its part to press for same-sex marriage. Many observers believe that the main obstacle to this agenda is a resolute opposition grounded in Christian conviction. Newsweek clearly intends to reduce that opposition.

Newsweek could have offered its readers a careful and balanced review of the crucial issues related to this question. It chose another path — and published this cover story. The magazine’s readers and this controversial issue deserved better.

Nor is Concerned Women for America happy with the article:

Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, Director and Senior Fellow of Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, said, “The Newsweek article is breathtaking in the audacious ways that it distorts and misinterprets the Bible and traditional Christianity. It is astounding that a news magazine would publish an article on theology that is so far off base in its theological credibility.”

Then, just for good measure, OneNewsNow asked militantly anti-gay activist Matt Barber to share his thoughts on the piece and he was predictably was outraged as well:

“This is biblical relativism on steroids,” he contends. “You know, scripture says woe to those who call evil good and good evil, and I say woe to Newsweek for even printing this drivel.”

He adds that the notion that the Bible somehow condones or approves homosexuality, much less so-called same-sex marriage, is patently absurd and borders on blasphemy.

This has been yet another installment of our emerging series “What Is The Right Complaining About Now?”