What Is the Cause of LaBarbera’s Ignorance?

Nobody expects much from Peter LaBarbera, but one would like to think that even he knows that gay sex is not a cause of AIDS any more than, say, kissing is a cause of mononucleosis … but alas:

“It’s not a big mystery about what helps cause AIDS, and yet one key portion — homosexual practice, homosexual sex — is just off the table,” notes Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH). “And then we wonder why we can’t keep this disease in check.”

He compares this issue to the Wizard of Oz or the emperor who has no clothes. “There’s a lot of talk about fighting AIDS, but they’re not really serious about one of the key causes, which is homosexual behavior,” he laments.

Instead, LaBarbera says, President Obama promotes it. He wishes the president would take serious action to combat the disease — like shutting down homosexual bathhouses.

“Bathhouses are places where men can go practice this dangerous sexual activity in secret,” the AFTAH president explains. “They can bring it home. If they’re bisexual, they can bring it back to their wife or their girlfriend and be the conduit for AIDS into the heterosexual community.”

So that is the mentality we are dealing with – not one that recognizes that unprotected sex can spread disease, but one that thinks gay sex causes disease.