What A Surprise: Fischer Doesn’t Approve of Positive Portrayals of Gays

It it too much to ask of the mainstream media that if they are going to quote the AFA’s Bryan Fischer, that they mention his long history of making militantly anti-gay statements, especially when they are quoting him in an article relating to gay issues?

Apparently, because Fischer’s well-established hatred all of things gay didn’t warrant even a passing mention in this USA Today article about how increasingly “gay relationships and gay families are portrayed as just like other families” in movies and television:

It’s a landscape that many Americans still don’t accept.

Such movies and TV shows “desensitize the public to the raft of problems associated with homosexual behavior,” says Bryan Fischer, director of issue analysis for the American Family Association, one of the proponents of Proposition 8, California’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage now tied up in court. “Hollywood is conveying a deceptive message about that behavior and doing a disservice to (viewers) who are coming to conclusions based on what they see on the silver screen. It’s a distortion of reality.”

Says Glenn Stanton, director of family studies for Focus on the Family: “When actual gay and lesbian weddings are shown on TV (as in news coverage), we win. When they’re shown through the lens and creativity and artifice of Hollywood, we don’t. Hollywood is succeeding, but they’re doing so by not representing reality.”

Of course Fischer doesn’t accept it – he thinks all gays are violent, deviant perverts and pedophiles who ought to be treated like criminals. 

Maybe the media ought to at least mention that fact the next time they decide to quote him.