West on Redistricting: ‘No One Will Ever be Able to Out-Fox or Out-Maneuver Me’

Under Florida’s redistricting plan, the district currently represented by Rep. Allen West is set to become more heavily Democratic, thus making his fight to win re-election all the more difficult.

But West is not particularly worried, as he made clear when he appeared on “Today’s Issues” yesterday with Tim Wildmon and Tony Perkins, vowing that nobody will ever be able to outfox him (as demonstrated by the fact that he just switched districts) and pledging that his voice will not be leaving Washington, DC.

But, should he lose, he has already received a job offer from Perkins to come and work at the Family Research Council:

West: So, on the surface, it does seem to be that I am the sacrificial lamb here in the Florida Congressional Delegation. And if that be the case, that’s fine. But no one will ever be able to out-fox or out-maneuver me. I spent twenty two years in the military; I know a little bit about strategic thinking and my voice will not be leaving Washington, DC. No one has to be concerned about that.

Perkins: Well, I can assure you, if something happens in Congress, I’ve got your number. We’d love to have you over at the Family Research Council.