WCF Slams Western ‘Ideological Colonization’ in Caribbean


We reported last week that several U.S. Religious Right figures were headed to Antigua for a two-day Caribbean regional conference of the World Congress of Families, which now operates as a project of Brian Brown‘s International Organization for the Family. There was little local news coverage of the event, but a few interesting tidbits have emerged:

Focus on the Family‘s Glenn Stanton posted on Facebook:

In Antigua speaking at a conference for Carribean [sic] citizens who are deeply concerned about the push of what they call ‘ideological colonization’ from the US and Western Europe upon their communities. a tsunami upon their islands.

Last Friday the Antigua Observer quoted WCF’s Don Feder, talking about the value of families and sneering about those marriages—presumably involving same-sex couples—“from which society derives no benefit.”

“Marriage and children force men to grow up, marriage gives women the freedom and security to become mothers. Marriage tames destructive male instincts,” Feder told the audience that gathered at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre yesterday for the opening of the fourth Caribbean World Congress of Families Pro-Family Conference being held here. …

“Marriage is as old as humanity itself, before there were nations, before there were governments, before there was civil society. There was the family consisting of a man and a woman and their children.”

Feder contends that children need both male and female role models – something that is conspicuously absent from the same-sex arrangement.

He argues that instead of promoting the natural family the only kind of marriage that some politicians worldwide seem interested in promoting is the one “from which society derives no benefit”. …

He posited that homosexuals cannot fulfil the most basic purpose of marriage which is procreation and child rearing.