Was The Right Thwarted By Cheney’s “Backhanded Pro-Gay Approach”?

It seems as if the Religious Right really is going to go after Dick Cheney for his support of marriage equality, with activists not only accusing him of not representing the GOP’s base, but now suggesting that Cheney was personally responsible for the failure to pass a federal marriage amendment:

A conservative black pastor and political activist says former Vice President Dick Cheney’s public support for same-sex “marriage” is an “outrage” and a “betrayal” of conservatives who once teamed up with the Bush administration to protect traditional marriage.

In 2004, President Bush promised evangelical Christian pastors like Bishop Harry Jackson that he would back an effort to pass a federal marriage amendment; however, that effort failed two years later.

Jackson, a Washington-area pastor and chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, says ironically, at the same time President Bush “lost steam” on the marriage issue in 2006, Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary was talking openly with the media regarding her lesbian lifestyle.

“I believe that Cheney’s own ambivalence that has now manifested itself into what seems like a backhanded pro-gay approach was one of the things that kept the President [Bush] from going forward,” he contends. “So, I’m outraged that we’ve been promised things by the GOP — specifically by the president — that haven’t really come into fruition.”

So despite the fact that this effort could never secure anywhere near the support of two-thirds of both chambers of Congress that is required to pass a constitutional amendment, it was really Cheney’s “backhanded pro-gay approach” that caused it to fail?