‘War On Christmas’ Fighter Claims Non-Christians Shouldn’t Take Any Days Off Of Work

Bodie Hodge of Answers In Genesis, the group that runs the Creation Museum, recently authored a book about the “War on Christmas” and launched the “War On Christmas Insider Team” to help people defend the supposedly imperiled holiday.

Today, Hodge stopped by the American Family Association’s show Today’s Issues and chatted with AFA head Tim Wildmon and research director Ed Vitagliano about the mindset of supposed anti-Christmas agitators…which led him to argue that non-Christians shouldn’t even take any days off of work.

“If you thought about it, a secular, atheistic worldview, you know they don’t want Christmas,” Hodge said. “Well, why don’t they go up and say, ‘I want to work on Christmas and I don’t want time-and-a-half and I don’t want any of those holidays because that implies there is some God out there that’s holy that makes a day special. Consider a weekend. A weekend is a Christian thing, God created in the six days, he rested on the seventh, the Lord resurrected on the first day, that’s a Christian thing. These guys should say, ‘No, we should work all the time’ and work like the bees till you die.”

“They should have no days off, the whole concept of work and rest is a Christian thing,” he added. “Within their own worldview they have no basis for it, they have to borrow that from a Christian worldview, so they borrow it and they try to corrupt it.”

Of course, it was actually the Puritans and not those menacing secular humanists who forced people to work on Christmas.

Hodge and the AFA team might also want to check with their favorite Religious Right historian, David Barton, about whether the two-day weekend is a Christian concept, as Barton claims that the Bible commands people to work six out of seven days.