Vote Obama If You Want a “Totalitarian, Pansexual Society” Full of “Disease, Dysfunction and Abuse”

Linda Harvey of Mission America, one of those fringe right-wing groups who are obsessed with things like Witchcraft/Neopaganism and Feminist Theology/Goddess Worship and their threat to Christianity, takes to the pages of WorldNetDaily to demand that Barack Obama sever GLSEN Founder and Executive Director Kevin Jennings’s ties to his campaign.

And after he does that, Harvey has a bunch of questions he needs to answer, including:

  • Does Obama believe children are “born gay” and should be able to declare this identity in grade school and join a “gay” club? Kevin Jennings does.
  • Does Obama believe kids can decide at age 9 or 10 that they were born in the wrong body, want to switch genders and have schools support this disorder? Jennings does.
  • Does Obama believe the Christian moral standard that homosexuality is wrong needs to be suppressed and depicted as “hateful” in the public square, including schools? Jennings does.
  • Does Obama believe that if same-sex “marriage” is legalized, this new “law” should be shoved down the throats of all children and their parents via social engineering in public schools? Jennings does.

If we want a totalitarian, pansexual society, with its accompanying disease, dysfunction and abuse, and no room for nobility, goodness and tradition, then we need to make sure we vote for Obama with all his various revolutionary hangers-on, including Jennings.

Even worse, Harvey points to the book “Queering Elementary Education” which she claims has contains not only a “foreword written by Jennings” but also a “blurb on the back from … Bill Ayers.”

I guess that once you realize that, in the Right’s fevered mind, Obama has been surrounding himself with terrorists and pedophilia advocates, you start to understand why they are beginning to freak-out over the prospect that he might actually get elected.