Vote for Janet Porter!

Ben has announced that voting for our 2008 Equine Posterior Achievement Award is now open

There are many worthy nominees, each of whom individually deserve this coveted award – including Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Sen. John Kyl, soon-to-be former Senator Elizabeth Dole, soon-to-be former Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, and others.  

But I am personally pulling for Janet Porter because, well, she deserves it more than anyone else:

It’s impossible to catalogue Janet Porter’s increasingly severe break from reality in just a few sentences, but to get the flavor of her work, check out her self-produced video entitled “A Newscast From a Future We Must Never See.” (Be sure to watch for future-First Lady Michelle Obama teaching children about blowing up the Pentagon.) Porter also repeatedly warned Christians that voting for Obama will send them to Hell. And, of course, she continued her repeated claims that if Prop 8 failed, Hillary Clinton was elected president or anyone reads her book, she would be thrown in jail.

I would also be quite content were Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern to win this honor because anyone who proclaims that gays are the “biggest threat our nation has” and then proceeds to get re-elected has more than earned the right to call this award her own.

So, at the risk of stuffing the ballot box, just keep Porter and Kern in mind as you look over the nominees and cast your own vote.