Vitter’s Self-Defense Campaign Rolls On

I can’t tell if I really am seeing Sen. David Vitter’s name show up a lot more in the places I monitor for right-wing news or if I am just noticing his name more because I am fascinated by his current scramble to seal off his right flank in order to hold off a possible primary challenge, perhaps from someone like Tony Perkins. 

Either way, I feel like I’ve been writing about him a lot lately … and I see no reason to stop now, especially since this fits in with the current narrative that Vitter seems to be trying really, really hard to become the Religious Right’s most committed advocate on the Hill:

Senator David Vitter is vowing to do everything within his power to block the Freedom of Choice Act from moving forward in the Senate … Although the legislation has not yet been introduced in the current Congress, Senator David Vitter (R-Louisiana) tells OneNewsNow he intends to aggressively oppose the bill, which he calls a “huge threat.”

“In one fell swoop it would wipe away so much of the progress we’ve made in the last decades — so many legitimate, proper restrictions that are in place now on abortion. It would threaten conscience provisions. It would usher in unprecedented federal taxpayer funding of abortions,” he notes. “So, it would be horrible, and that’s why I’m going to do everything possible to fight the bill, to filibuster it, to use every procedural tool available in the Senate to block that bill when it’s introduced.”

Vitter has always been a favorite of the Religious Right, but I can honestly say that I don’t recall him ever being as active on their agenda as he has been in recent weeks … and considering that he’s up for election next year and fearful of a primary challenge due to his involvement in a prostitution ring, this clearly isn’t just a coincidence.