Virginia Legislator Says Trans Opponent Defies ‘Laws Of Nature’ At A ‘Fundamental Level’

Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, who is up for reelection next week, told Religious Right radio host Sandy Rios that he would not refer to his opponent, who is a transgender woman, by using her correct pronouns because he “never flunked biology” and understands the “laws of nature.”

Marshall appeared on this morning’s episode of “Sandy Rios in the Morning” to attack his opponent Danica Roem, who would be the first openly transgender state legislator if elected. He lamented Roem’s support for educational programs that teach children about different gender identities and used Roem’s identity as a transgender woman to further attack her on national radio.

“It is not a civil right to masquerade your fantasies as reality,” Marshall said. “But standing up to this is somewhat difficult because you get called all kinds of names. And if you’re going to be shying away because someone calls you a bigot or a transphobe or whatever it is, it probably is not something that you should attempt.”

Marshall went on to explain that he was not going to back away from the issue.

“I’ve drawn a line. I’m not leaving it, because I don’t make the laws of nature but I think I understand them, at least at this fundamental level. I never flunked biology, so I’m not going to call a man a woman, period,” Marshall said.

Rios agreed with Marshall, saying the “laws of God cannot be altered.”

Marshall has appeared on Rios’ program before to accuse Roem of running for office only to make money off a book deal and express disdain for media outlets that do not use male pronouns to refer to Roem. His attacks against Roem follow a long track record of extreme right-wing stances, including claiming children with disabilities are God’s punishment for abortion, advocating for extreme anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ legislation, and opposing a gay judicial nominee on the basis of his sexual orientation.

Disclosure: Right Wing Watch is a project of People For the American Way, which has endorsed Roem.