VCY Drops Porter’s Radio Program Over Dominion Theology

As we had been reporting lately, Janet Porter of Faith 2 Action had become increasingly involved in “dominion” theology, the idea that Christians are called to take complete control over every aspect of human life in order to bring about the return of Christ.   There is something called “7 Mountains” theology that sets out seven specific aspects of the national culture that Christians are supposed to retake and this “7 Mountains” theology was at the very center of Porter’s May Day prayer rally at the Lincoln Memorial over the weekend.

Organizers had been preparing for as many as 8,0000 to attend but no more than a few hundred actually showed up, leading speakers to plead with those in attendance to make sizable donations to help defray the $70,000 cost of putting on the event. 

Today, I was listening to VCY America, which carries Porter’s daily radio program, in order to hear how she would spin this epic failure … but instead of hearing Porter’s program begin at 2:00 pm as scheduled, I heard instead a statement from VCY America’s Vic Eliason announcing that they would no longer be carrying or supporting her program due to her increasing involvement with dominion theology:

Because of the long standing of Faith2Action on VCY America, which has provided satellite services, air time, production, and line fees without charge, we know there will be many who will question its discontinuance.

VCY has been wrestling for months with the drift of the program toward “dominion theology” and ecumenism.

The following links bring up articles which describe the issues in detail

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This has not been an easy decision, but a line has been crossed that VCY America cannot ignore. Faith2Action has chosen to go in a direction that is not consistent with the biblical position of VCY America.

Once the message began and I realized its significant, I scrambled to record it and managed to capture a good portion of the announcement as Elisaon explains that they had repeatedly warned Porter about her dominionism to no avail, thus forcing them to sever their ties with her and her program: