Van Impe Breaks With TBN Over “Censorship” Of Program Accusing Rick Warren of Promoting “Chrislam”

Back in April, we posted a video of Jerry Boykin warning of the dangers of so-called “Chrislam,” claiming there could be no hope of creating dialogue between Christians and Muslims and warning Christian not to allows Muslims to use their facilities for worship. 

One of the leaders Boykin cited as falling into this “Chrislam” trap was Rick Warren … and it appears that Boykin was not alone as Michigan televangelist Jack Van Impe has now broken with Trinity Broadcasting Network claiming TBN censored him by refusing to air a program accusing Warren and others of undermining Christianity:  

Michigan televangelist Jack Van Impe ended his decades-long relationship with Trinity Broadcast Network late last week after becoming embroiled in a controversy with pastors Rick Warren and Robert H. Schuller … Officials for TBN, based in Tustin, Calif., said they had to censor a Van Impe show set to run June 6 because he accused Warren and Schuller of trying to combine Christian and Muslim beliefs into a new movement called “Chrislam.”

The head of TBN said he was not going to allow Van Impe to use his station to attack other religious leaders.

“It has been my position for TBN’s 38 years of ministry that TBN preach(es) Christ only and that it does not become a bully pulpit for endless debate and/or criticism on/of various doctrinal issues among denominations,” said Paul Crouch, president and founder of churches, ministries or individuals.

“Specifically, it has been TBN’s policy not to allow its broadcast air time to be utilized for personal attacks by one Christian brother against another or to call them out by name,” added Crouch in a statement.

A spokesman for Van Impe said “after much time in prayer” the Van Impes decided to part ways with TBN.

“We would not be able to minister effectively if we had to look over our shoulder wondering if a program was going to be censored because of mentioning a name,” said Ken Vancil, executive director of the Jack Van Impe Ministries.