Unite the Right Organizer Says He’s ‘Rekindling’ Ties to VDARE

White nationalist activist Jason Kessler appears at his "Unite the Right 2" rally in Washington, D.C., on August 12, 2018. (Photo: Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

Jason Kessler, the lead organizer of the deadly Unite the Right white supremacist gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, announced Monday that he was “rekindling” his ties to the racist publisher VDARE.

In a Periscope broadcast Monday, Kessler announced his next steps after a lawsuit he filed against the city of Charlottesville, which alleged that the city and city officials violated his First Amendment rights by not preventing violence at his event, had been dismissed. Kessler said that before he attempts to appeal the dismissal, he intends to file a Rule 59 motion for a new trial because he believes that he can prove that legal clerks involved in his case were biased against him.

During the broadcast, Kessler also said he would be “rekindling” his ties to VDARE, where he said he plans to write about legal cases pending in Charlottesville, including his own.

“I’m going to be rekindling my relationship with VDARE to reporting on some of the Charlottesville cases going forward, and the reason that I’m doing that is out of frustration with the lack of any kind of journalistic integrity within the Charlottesville community, within the nation, on the Charlottesville cases,” Kessler said, alleging that local journalists had “covered up” Kessler’s claims against the legal clerks.

Kessler said his first VDARE article would be about his own efforts to reverse the dismissal of his lawsuit, but that he is “just waiting for that to come to fruition.” At the time of publication, VDARE listed 11 articles on its website as having been authored by Kessler, beginning in April 2017 and ceasing in May 2018. The white nationalist blogger who organized the infamous event where a neo-Nazi murdered a counterdemonstrator and injured 28 did not give a timeline for when he expected to resume publishing at VDARE.

VDARE appears to be followed by at least one person in the White House. The Southern Poverty Law Center published an investigative report in November that revealed White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller had shared a link to a story on VDARE with former Breitbart News editor Katie McHugh in 2015.

Neither VDARE founder Peter Brimelow or Kessler immediately returned emailed requests for comment.