U.S. On ‘Cusp of War With China’ Over COVID-19 ‘Act of War,’ Claims POTUS Shield’s Frank Amedia

POTUS Shield founder Frank Amedia in a May 11, 2020 video message to POTUS Shield's "warriors, worshippers, and watchmen."

Frank Amedia, the former Trump campaign adviser who created the POTUS Shield network to support Trump’s presidency, urged his followers in an online video Monday to pray for the president, vice president, and the nation’s military leaders, who he said are considering how to respond to what he claims was the Chinese government’s intentional spread of the COVID-19 virus. A text message to POTUS Shield supporters asked for “urgent” prayer for “POTUS VP and cusp of war with China,” while Amedia’s YouTube video is accompanied by text warning of “the threat of war with China.”

In his video, Amedia called the Chinese government’s actions “almost an act of war,” which was slightly more qualified than remarks he made last week in which he said the Chinese government’s intentional spread of COVID-19 was an “act of war” and that most Americans didn’t “understand the precipice we’re at with the decisions that need to be made to that.”

Amedia said on Monday that the “real truth” about the Chinese government’s actions is being discovered and suggested that it will force President Donald Trump to take some form of retaliatory action. But he said it would be “great” if God decided to take care of the Chinese government himself so that Trump didn’t have to.

Amedia urged people to pray that God would give Trump “divine wisdom” to make the right response, adding that he’s counting on God to speak to Trump through his spiritual adviser and White House aide Paula White.

Here’s more from Amedia’s video:

I firmly believe this was not just a mere accident. At which point it became intentional, I’m not certain, but I’m certain intelligence likely knows by now, not only from this nation but other nations. I believe that somehow this was intended and it went awry. And I also believe there are consequences of this.

I stated [during last week’s online event] that we had, that no matter how it came about, even if it was unintentional at first but then intentionally fostered, that [the spread of COVID-19] is almost like an act of war, and that this president and those around him and our military leaders, that they are called to make some very strong decisions in the present time right now. This is very serious. You can’t ignore it and do nothing. And you don’t want to overreact and do the wrong thing.

So, we are praying for God’s wisdom. We are praying for wisdom that passes human understanding. We’re praying that there would be the mind of Christ involved for this president and those advisers around him, that they understand what God’s will is in this, and also that we put the fear of the Lord in the enemies of this nation, that they understand that there is a consequence, and that wouldn’t it be great if the Lord himself took measure, and it was only by his spirit, and that we in this country and our leaders and this president and vice president did not need to make and take an action.

Amedia has often spoken of his network’s insider access to the White House, which is no secret given that White has kept a stream of Trump-supporting Christian leaders pouring through the place. Amedia encouraged people to pray for White and another White House aide, Jenny Korn, and said he believes God will impart divine wisdom to Trump through White:

We do have a strong base of faith that goes in and out of the White House and that this president and vice president draw upon. And we have certain people that God has put in a place, not just those who are in the ministry, and outside of the White House in the faith community, but those who are there serving.

I want to encourage you to continue to pray for pastor Paula White. God has put her in that place. And at some point, some time, as his pastor and spiritual adviser, we’re believing God to speak through her also in words that he will understand that he will be able to discern and translate in his wisdom and in his mind from God on high.

Amedia began Monday’s video by asking POTUS Shield’s “warriors, worshippers, and watchmen” to pray for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, saying that they are weary from dealing with the crisis. Noting that people working in the White House have tested positive for COVID-19, Amedia declared that God would keep Trump and Pence healthy, citing verses from Psalm 91, which promises that whoever dwells “in the shelter of the Most High” will not be felled by pestilence or plague. “We thank you, Father, that this plague cannot touch our leaders,” he said.