TVC Plans to Court Conservative Democrats in Fighting Liberals

With Democrats now in control of the House, Senate, and White House, the Traditional Values Coalition is warning that “liberals will attack on all fronts this year“:

Far left liberals will soon control all branches of the federal government, including our Armed Forces, Department of Justice, Education Department, Homeland Security, Energy Department and other key branches of government.

This control, however, is not indefinite and those of us who value conservative political principles and religious liberty, must work far more aggressively than in the past to make certain the Obama Administration fails in its leftist efforts to remake our nation.

This means that our lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill on behalf of churches and traditional values voters will be accelerated – and we’re going to need your help more than ever to hold back the onslaught of bad legislation and bad policy decisions that will flow out of the House, Senate, and Executive Branch.

Fortunately, TVC head Lou Sheldon knows how to stop it – by using his personal charm and charisma to woo conservative Democrats:

It is my personal goal in 2009 to reach out to conservative Democrats to encourage them to support traditional values in legislation and policy decisions. Conservatives in both parties have common foes: secular liberalism and the rise of Islam in America. We must work together to minimize the destruction that liberalism will bring to our nation during the next four years under the rule of a radical leftist who masqueraded as an agent of change for America.

I am hopeful that God will answer our prayers and honor our efforts to hold back the night during the next four years of liberalism run amuck. We will be faithful to the calling that God has given us – and we ask you to join us this year in being part of a traditional values army that will work with us to preserve justice, to defend life, and to continue fighting against the spread of Islam and the dangerous homosexual agenda in America.

Sheldon will have his work cut out for him, especially since Jack Abramoff is no longer around to bankroll his efforts.