TVC: Anything But Subtle

Say what you will about the Traditional Values Coalition, they refuse to tone-down or in any way moderate their militantly anti-gay agenda – here they are weighing in on the right-wing boycott of McDonalds, complete with an attack on Levi Strauss for ending its funding of the Boy Scouts:

TVCIII.JPG “McDonald’s has partnered with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC),” said TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty. “It also gave this activist group a $20,000 grant to support its efforts to influence corporate America.

“When my son bounds out of kindergarten at his school, a typical request is to go to ‘Old McDonald’s.’ It’s not about the cuisine, the first question he asks when we get there is which toy are they giving away that day. Now, we are settling for a lemonade at another restaurant because, as our son says aloud every time a McDonald’s commercial airs on television or as we drive past one, – ‘McDonald’s is bad,’” said Lafferty.

“Like Levi Strauss, McDonald’s has become an open and aggressive supporter of the homosexual agenda,” said Lafferty. “As such, it will no longer receive my business until it rejects the homosexual political agenda and returns to what it does best: selling Happy Meals and fun to America’s children.”

“Hungry patrons should beware of how they spend their hard-earned dollars,” said Lafferty. “When buying a ‘Sad Meal’ from McDonald’s, they’re now helping fund the homosexual agenda. By purchasing a pair of jeans from Levi Strauss, they’re helping destroy the moral foundations of our society.”

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