Truth in Action Ministries Blames Homosexuality on Lack of ‘Biblical Fatherhood’

Truth in Action Ministries last week aired a radio broadcast marking the anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking with a warning that feminism and evolution are corrupting the culture by creating a society where “women are treated like chattel and men no longer take on their masculine role as defenders,” along with a film likening the iceberg that sank the Titanic to the supposed threat the “radical homosexual agenda” poses to America.

Today on Truth that Transforms, the group tied the two subjects together by linking the “disintegration of maleness” to the rise of the “homosexual agenda.” While speaking with Del Tackett, a former Focus on the Family vice president and current host of Truth in Action’s show Cross Examine, host Carmen Pate asked Tackett how the diminishment of men in society “ties into with what we see with the homosexual agenda.” Tackett, like others in the Religious Right, said that homosexuality is the result of a shortage of fathers who follow the “biblical mode” of fatherhood, arguing that fathers who act like either an “abusive tyrant” or just spend time “drinking beer” and “just flipping through the channels” have a higher likelihood of ending up with gay sons, while fathers with “the biblical understanding of headship and leadership” will not:

Pate: Tell us your perspective on how this really ties into with what we see with the homosexual agenda, their movement, the sad belief that they have that they were born with this propensity to engage in sexual sin?

Tackett: A lot of the studies have shown that homosexual activities and tendencies and desires and so forth often come from a deep pathology within the home and oftentimes that is traced to a lack of a proper role model. That lack of a proper role model can be on both extremes, it can be on one end the tyrant, which is not the biblical mode, not the biblical understanding of headship and leadership, it’s an abusive tyrant mode, or, which is more prevalent, on the other end, is this abdication, it’s the absence, it’s the guy who is just drinking beer on the couch, just flipping through the channels, and he has no leadership role at all. So a young boy deeply desires that kind of male relationship and when it happens at a very sensitive time at a young man’s life and he experiences a sexual encounter, and the whole sexual aspect of human nature is so deep and complex, but people can map in that wrong way.