Trump Tells NRA: Immigration Laws Written By ‘People That Truly Could Not Love Our Country’

President Trump gave a characteristically rambling speech to the National Rifle Association’s convention today, touching of course on his electoral college victory in 2016, his animosity toward the media, and dismissing the need for tighter gun laws.

Trump also took some time to speak about immigration, declaring that the country’s current immigration laws were created by “people that truly could not love our country.”

“You’ve all seen on television, all over the papers, the illegal migrants pouring up through Mexico, flooding the border, many from Central America, Honduras, all over the place, coming up by the thousands,” Trump said. “We’re stopping them at different fronts, but we don’t have laws, we have laws that were written by people that truly could not love our country.”

He added that “illegal immigration must end” and a system established where people “come in based on merit, not based on picking somebody out of a bin.”