Trump Surrogate: Democrats ‘Buy’ Hispanic Votes

Donald Trump media surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes warned on Tuesday that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election, Republicans “will have just lost every election, federal election, from here on out” because Clinton will enact immigration reform and Democrats will then “buy” Hispanic votes.

Hughes joined Virginia talk radio host Rob Schilling on Tuesday to discuss Trump’s new “Contract with the American Voter,” including its pledge to “cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities,” which she said is “how you stop the beast”:

That’s how you stop the beast. That’s how you stop the terrorist beast, ISIS. That’s how you stop the encouraging of these cities to bring illegals in, add them to the voter rolls, which is what’s going to happen. This is what’s so critical about the next few weeks. If Hillary Clinton, God forbid, is elected president, she’s already said she’s going to give basically blanket amnesty to all the illegals that are here. … When you give them citizenship, that means they’re on the path to voting. We will have just lost every election, federal election, from here on out, especially here in these areas that have high Hispanic voter turnout.

Because this is what the Democrats have done, is they buy their votes. They flood them with entitlements, they give them checks every month, and all they ask for in exchange is ‘Every four years, put us back in office and we will make sure that gravy train keeps running.’ That is what is so dangerous and why this election will definitely change the course of where America is headed in the future if she is elected.