Trump Supporter Wants Muslim ‘Hibi-Jabis’ Fired From TSA

At a campaign rally in New Hampshire today, Donald Trump fielded a question from a supporter who asked him if he would support putting veterans in jobs in border security or in TSA, adding that she is tired of seeing Muslims wearing “hibi-jabis” working in airport security.

“Get rid of all these hibi-jabis they wear at TSA,” she said. “I’ve seen them myself.”

Trump gave a characteristically vague response — “I understand, and, you know, we are looking at that, we’re looking at a lot of things” — before boasting of his support from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the anti-immigrant Arizona official who once bragged about running his own concentration camp, and the National Border Patrol Council, a group with deep ties to the Nativist movement.

Last year in New Hampshire, Trump, who has put anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies at the center of his presidential campaign, similarly refused to challenge a questioner who asked him if the U.S. could “get rid of” Muslims.

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