Trump Signs Omnibus Spending Bill, Sending Pro-Trump Media Into A Panic

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President Trump signed a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill at the White House this afternoon, which sent right-wing media figures who have established themselves as unabashed Trump defenders into a fit.

Earlier this morning, Trump had tweeted that he was considering vetoing the bipartisan omnibus spending bill because it did not address DACA recipients and lacked full funding for his promised southern border wall. Hours later, however, Trump signed the spending bill into law in what he said was a “ridiculous situation” and claimed he would “never sign another bill like this again.”

Naturally, pro-Trump pundits were furious that Trump had compromised with establishment Republicans and Democrats on a spending bill that appeared to contradict his campaign promises.

The Drudge Report ran the headline “FAKE VETO”:

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter said that if Trump signs a bill like this again he will “be impeached”:

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes said that Trump had “just signed his impeachment papers”:

Radio host Wayne Allyn Root called signing the omnibus spending bill a “tragic mistake” and claimed that Trump “rolled over like a puppy to Marxists, frauds, traitors [and] corrupt greedy swamp”:

Stefan Molyneux, a YouTube personality who caters to the far-right, declared that “Trump is not so much with the winning anymore”:

Mike Cernovich, a prominent figure in the self-declared “New Right” movement, stated that “midterms are finished” and congratulated “Speaker Pelosi”:

Mike Flynn Jr., son of President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn and prominent “New Right” figure, ranted on Twitter:

Gateway Pundit investigative reporter Cassandra Fairbanks put it simply, “We’ve been cucked”:

The Gateway Pundit called the omnibus spending bill a “uniparty monstrosity” that “funds everything the Democrats asked for and more”:

Trump announced Friday in a press conference he will sign the Pelosi-Ryan uniparty monstrosity of a spending bill.
$1.3 TRILLION and no border wall.


Despite President Trump’s threat to veto this omnibus bill, he agreed to sign the Pelosi-Ryan bill which funds everything the Democrats asked for and more.

Pelosi, Schumer and the DC swamp are celebrating.

The homepage of Breitbart News featured news of Trump signing the omnibus and quipped “RIP Border Wall.”

Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Rebecca Mansour declared that if the Omnibus “is winning, then I’m definitely tired of it,” referring to a Trump campaign speech trope about winning so much “you may even get tired of winning”:

But radio host Bill Mitchell, one of the world’s most devoted Trump sycophants, was still looking at the upside: