Trump Shares Video Demanding Criminal Charges for Officials Who Launched Russia Probe

President Donald Trump at CPAC 2018. (Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

President Trump shared a video on Twitter this morning in which a heated Mark Levin demands that senior intelligence officials responsible for launching the special counsel probe into Russian influence in the 2016 election be charged with crimes.

Levin is a longtime right-wing television and radio personality who worked in the Reagan administration. He is the host of a Fox News Channel show on Sundays called “Life, Liberty & Levin,” from which Trump’s team pulled the video clip.

“Our very republic is at stake. The separation of powers has broken down. The rule of law has broken down. The media—the media who we rely on—the media have broken down. We have a mob mentality now in this country. At least half the people in the country and the majority in the House of Representatives want to continue with this coup,” Levin said.

He later added, “There are things that have been done in the last three years to candidate Trump, president-elect Trump and President Trump that should not occur in the United States of America. Senior levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation—these individuals should be charged. They’re the ones who interfered with our election, even more effectively than the Russians. They are still at it—senior levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

Levin is among many other right-wing personalities who have taken to the airwaves to declare that officials that launched the special counsel investigation are traitors to the country that deserve criminal punishment.