Trump: No One Has Ever Been ‘Slandered’ More Than Me!

In an interview earlier today with far-right radio host Michael Savage, Donald Trump claimed that he has been “slandered” by the news coverage of his most recent feud with Sen. Ted Cruz.

The two leading GOP presidential candidates have been embroiled for nearly a week in an escalating feud surrounding Trump’s attacks on Cruz’s wife and a National Enquirer story alleging that Cruz has had several extramarital affairs, which the Cruz camp has claimed was placed by Trump confidants.

“It wasn’t me and Cruz ought to focus on other things, frankly, because I think it’s disgusting when he blames me,” Trump said. “Somebody in your world called me and said they had never seen anybody slandered like I’ve been slandered over the last week about the whole woman thing. Nobody respects women more than I do.”

“He started it, but I think it’s total garbage,” he later added. Savage, meanwhile, said that Hillary Clinton’s campaign likely “leaked” the story about Cruz’s purported affairs to Marco Rubio’s aides and “Little Marco’s people could’ve leaked it to turn you against each other.”

Trump, utterly incapable of staying on one subject for more than 20 seconds, quickly turned the conversation to his recent criticism of NATO and his view that the U.S. has been “undefeating” ISIS.

Trump said that he has several plans to go after ISIS but won’t reveal them in order to protect “the element of surprise.” However, he did reveal that under a Trump presidency the U.S. would “take the oil” in Libya and “make the rules” in the Geneva Convention “a lot tougher,” alleging that ISIS terrorists “are laughing at us” because the U.S. won’t torture.

He went on to hail the NYPD’s since-abandoned Muslim spying program as “the best in the world,” despite the fact that the program, according to the Associated Press, “never generated a lead or triggered a terrorism investigation.”