Trump Friend From Military School Says Dr. Blasey Ford is ‘Off the Tracks’

Florida-based public relations firm TransMedia Group sent reporters a statement on Monday from lawyer Peter Ticktin with the subject line: “MEDIA: Experienced Attorney’s Thoughts on Dr. Ford.” The nearly 1000-word statement, headlined “Sorry to Tell You This—She Lied,” calls Ford a “radical lefty” (because she took part in the 2017 Women’s March) and a liar who is “off the tracks.” Neither the commentary nor the email from the public relations firm reveals that Ticktin is, as the firm claimed last November, a “lifelong friend” of President Donald Trump’s.

“I’m told that Dr. Ford had no reason to lie,” writes Ticktin in the statement sent to reporters. “Well, first of all, she is already the recipient of hundreds of thousands of dollars on a Go Fund Me page. So, she had something to gain. However, I doubt that it was money as much as her way to deal with other demons. It took her from being a nobody to a nationally or worldly recognized somebody.  More importantly, she is a radical lefty. She marched in the Women’s March. She is polarized, and she is a good soldier doing her duty to obstruct. Look at the chaos she caused.”

Before the testimony by Ford and Kavanaugh, Ticktin proposed what he said should be a line of questioning focused on “repressed memory.”

Ticktin’s Twitter profile describes him as “Captain Donald Trump’s High School Platoon Sergeant and supporter!” Last November, TransMedia sent out a release saying its CEO Tom Madden “couldn’t be more pleased” to welcome Ticktin back as a client; the firm would be promoting Ticktin’s “insightful columns and posts on social media.”

From that November 20, 2017 release:

“We’re thrilled to represent Ticktin as an expert and commentator on a wide range of subjects from President Donald Trump whom he knows personally, to legal issues and laws which he was instrumental in having courts adopt, plus his enormous scientific knowledge and expertise on global warming,” said Madden.

The firm will assist Ticktin in turning a compilation of his posts and other writings into a must-read book about how Donald Trump’s policies could help reduce the effects of global warming in America.

Trump was Ticktin’s captain of Company “A” and he appointed Ticktin to be his Platoon Sergeant back in New York Military where they became lifelong friends.

Other clients represented by TransMedia, according to the company website, include AT&T, Merrill Lynch and Krispy Kreme.

Ticktin founded the Global Warming Foundation, which says it is designed “to educate and inform citizens of the world about Global Warming and its effects.” His blog describes him as “a brilliant attorney whose background is in science” and describes itself this way:

In it Ticktin goes well beyond other “experts” on Climate Change, advising  we’re past the tipping point, so it’s more important to prosper and rebuild an infrastructure suitable for the new climate reality. He proposes we rely on solutions other than simply reducing carbon emissions.  He maintains that ironically the Trump Administration has the right answers to confront this global threat, a booming economy, which will enable America to do what  must be done to confront its most severe effects.

In March, Ticktin wrote that he didn’t know whether Trump believes in global warming or denies it. But he said we’re lucky to have Trump as our president either way:

Give me a great leader, any day, irrespective of his or her current beliefs, over the fools who just do not know how to accomplish goals. Our chances of fixing these things which are broken in our world can be fixed only by such a leader. Thank God we have Donald J. Trump in the White House.

That is, shall we say, far from the consensus viewpoint among climate change activists.