Trump Fans Cheer President’s Ability to Drink Water, Demand Four More Years

(Screenshot / YouTube, Fox News)

President Donald Trump spent significant portions of his speech at an under-attended rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Saturday defending himself from criticisms that he drank from a glass of water with two hands and speculations about his health after he descended a stage ramp unsteadily during an appearance at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

To make a point about the “fake news” criticisms, Trump removed a glass of water from his podium and proceeded to take a couple sips from it while holding it with one hand. The crowd cheered his performance, chanting for “four more years” of his administration. He tossed the glass away from the podium.

The stunt left many reporters and columnists scratching their heads, but a small handful of pro-Trump sycophants expressed joy at the president’s ability to take a sip from a glass of water.

Failed congressional candidate and conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine tweeted: “The degenerate left claimed President Trump had health issues after drinking water with 2 hands. Today he drank with one and tossed the glass to the side! [Rolling on the floor laughing emoji] GREATEST. PRESIDENT. EVER.”

(Screenshot / Twitter)

Founder and co-chair of Students for Trump Ryan Fournier reacted similarly. He tweeted: “President Trump is a legend. He just took a sip of water with one hand, and threw the cup off the stage. I love this guy.”

(Screenshot / Twitter)

JT Lewis, who is running for the Connecticut State Senate, marveled at Trump’s display.

(Screenshot / Twitter)