Trump Adviser: Liberals Are Hypocrites For Criticizing Trump And Not Beyoncé

Charmaine Yoest, the former president of Americans United for Life and a member of Donald Trump’s “pro-life advisory council,” told radio host Kevin McCullough yesterday that although there is no excuse for Donald Trump’s recently revealed comments about sexually assaulting women, liberals are being hypocrites for criticizing Trump and not “Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who have lyrics that are replete with this kind of vulgarity.”

McCullough asked Yoest if she thought liberals and some conservative Christians were displaying “hypocrisy” by making a fuss over Trump’s comments—in which he boasted that he could touch and kiss women without their consent because he was famous—when they tolerate or support “all forms of entertainment that approve, display, film, dialogue about things that are equally, if not more so, graphic, obscene, vulgar and, in plain language, objectifying of women through pornography, Hollywood, music and dance and rap culture, etc. etc.”

McCullough added that “we don’t ever pay attention to how offensive this stuff is until it’s somebody running for office who we want to find a reason to dislike.”

“Well, exactly,” Yoest responded, “and I think that really strikes very close to the bone for some of us who have gone out on a limb in the past and have been considered extremely unfashionable when, for example, you call into question Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who have lyrics that are replete with this kind of vulgarity. And, you know, there was a whole thing on CNN the other night when Don Lemon was laughing at a guest who had the audacity to call into question rap lyrics that use this kind of vulgarity. You’re seeing a lot of pictures going around the web, actually, composite pictures of women who are demonstrating the kind of vulgarity that he was talking about.”

Yoest, who now works for Gary Bauer’s group American Values, took a similar position in a recent CNN interview, roundly condemning Trump’s comments but saying that “voting for someone is not the same as endorsing their entire character.”