Tony Perkins: Trump Is ‘God-Given Opportunity To Reshape America In His Image’

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins talks about Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on Fox Business, February 1, 2017.

“The Left is pulling out the stops to destroy President Trump,” warns a May 3 fundraising letter from FRC Action, the Family Research Council’s legislative affiliate.

Before last year’s presidential election, Religious Right leaders routinely portrayed a potential Hillary Clinton presidency as the end of religious freedom in America, if not the end of America itself. Now that they have an ally in the White House, one who has started making good on his promise to give them the Supreme Court of their dreams, what kinds of alarmist rhetoric will they use to keep cash rolling in?

The letter from FRC Action President Tony Perkins warns of “five ways the ‘Progressives’ have intensified the war on your values and freedoms”:

  1. Igniting an explosion of propaganda sold to Americans as “news.”
  2. Destroying public trust and spreading confusion by spreading “fake news.”
  3. Unleashing lawless radicals in the streets and town meetings.
  4. Maintaining a shadow government working against the American government.
  5. Coordinating and unifying the falsehood and disruption.

“The media are hard at work in supporting the leftist agitators by spewing ‘fake news’ and sounding the alarm about nonexistent crises virtually every day—dutifully affirmed and repeated by liberals in Congress and statehouses across the nation—all designed to deceive the American people,” says the letter.

Perkins warns that former President Obama is attacking Trump from behind the scenes:

It’s now evident that Barack Obama is behind the mobilization of tens of thousands of paid radical agitators to shout down conservative members of Congress when they hold town meetings back in their districts and states. … A torrent of suspicious leaks, some of them endangering our national security, as well as several other outrages, have made it painfully clear that enemies of America are at work inside the federal bureaucracy.

But Perkins’s letter is not all doom-and-gloom. He celebrates that the Religious Right, for the first time in eight years, is not stuck playing defense, and he rattles off a list of goals they think they can achieve, including restrictions on abortion, defunding Planned Parenthood, and repealing the Johnson Amendment.

Perkins ends by noting that Trump began his first cabinet meeting by asking Vice President Mike Pence to say a prayer. “We now live in a nation where prayer is the first order of business for the federal government,” he writes. “We have hope. Let’s not miss this God-given opportunity to reshape America in His image.”