Tony Perkins: Media Under Obama ‘Silenced’ And ‘Intimidated’ Americans

Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, wholeheartedly embraced President Trump’s talking points about a supposedly hostile media this morning, telling Trump mouthpiece Breitbart News that Trump is standing up to a media that, under President Obama, “silenced” and “intimidated” Americans.

Alex Marlow, the host of the “Breitbart News Daily” radio program, asked Perkins about Trump adviser and former Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon’s recent remark that the media is the “opposition party” in Trump’s America, a phrase that Trump has repeated.

“Well, they’re not just the opposition party to the administration,” Perkins said, “they have been hostile to the vast majority of Americans and they have silenced Americans, especially in the last eight years. I watched that evolution as they became the mouthpiece of Barack Obama and the left in this country, and they have shamed and marginalized the average American. And I think that’s in a large part what gave rise to Donald Trump’s success is that people saw someone who would stand up against the mainstream press, and they’re coming in behind him. And so that’s where I think—the wind in the sails of Donald Trump are the vast majority of Americans who feel marginalized and intimidated by the media.”

“If he holds his ground,” Perkins later added, “I do think we will see a shifting of the power back to the American people and away from Hollywood and the media.”