Tom DeLay: John Lewis ‘Didn’t Learn Anything From Martin Luther King’

Former House Republican Leader Tom DeLay joined the conservative attacks on Rep. John Lewis of Georgia in the wake of Lewis’ public spat with President-elect Donald Trump, telling Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg on Tuesday that Lewis “didn’t learn anything from” his own civil rights work or from Martin Luther King, Jr.

You know, John Lewis, he’s given a lot of credit for his civil rights and voting rights work that he did 50 years ago, but he didn’t learn anything from it. He didn’t learn anything from Martin Luther King, who was a godly man and talked about God and values and those kinds of things. He didn’t learn anything from Martin Luther King because Martin Luther King was pro-life. Martin Luther King could be called a Republican, to be honest with you, if you read the Letter from the Bethlehem [sic] Jail, so he didn’t learn anything from any of that, plus he didn’t learn anything from the civil rights movement. It’s the Republicans that passed civil rights and Voting Rights Act back in those days. The Democrats, especially the southern Democrats, were segregationists. So, just let him keep doing it. I mean, it’s just so foolish.

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