Todd Starnes: ‘Culture Jihadists’ Behind March For Our Lives

On his Fox News Radio program yesterday, right-wing commentator Todd Starnes blamed “culture jihadists” for the March for Our Lives rallies for gun reform over the weekend and his guest David Benham claimed “the radical left” had “hijacked” the message of teenage anti-gun-violence activists.

David and Jason Benham gave Starnes their standard stump speech about how they lost a planned show on HGTV after Right Wing Watch reported on their history of extreme anti-LGBTQ activism and thanked Starnes for sticking up for them at the time.

“That really is what we do on this radio program, is that we want to stand alongside people who are coming under attack,” Starnes said. “And there are a lot of people that don’t have the national platforms that really face these struggles when the left comes after them and these culture jihadists. And that’s what it is, I think that’s what we saw over the weekend with these protests on the Second Amendment.”

David Benham replied that while he appreciated the enthusiasm of the young activists behind the gun reform rallies, “The one thing that we’ve got to be careful for is to not allow them and their messages to get hijacked by the radical left, which is already starting to happen, so they make the NRA the enemy, they make Marco Rubio the enemy.”

He went on to point out the lack of “anti-truck demonstrations” and “anti-knife rallies” after truck and knife attacks.

“I’ve yet to see an AR-15 on death row serving a sentence for killing somebody,” Jason Benham added.