This Is Not a Joke


America’s Patriotic Salsa

Minuteman Salsa is proud to be America’s 100% US-born and bred Southwestern salsa.

You don’t support illegal immigration. Buy Minuteman Salsa and keep foreign-made salsa from slipping across the border into your pantry.

A portion of the proceeds of every sale of Minuteman Salsa will benefit the courageous men and women of the Minuteman Project, guarding America’s borders.

Deport Bad Taste, Buy Minuteman SalsaTM

According to The El-Paso Times, 25 percent of the earnings go to the Minutemen and the genius behind this product

[H]as already sold 700 jars of Minuteman Salsa, including 25 to 30 he shipped to the El Paso area. The condiment sells for $4.95 a jar with a minimum order of three.

700 jars at $4.95 a piece = $3,465, meaning the Minutemen have cleared approximately $865.  

No doubt they’ll handle this money responsibly.