Third Time Will Not Be The Charm For Personhood Colorado

When the right-wingers behind Colorado’s effort to eliminate abortion back in 2008 received a mere 27% support, they proclaimed themselves encouraged by their showing and vowed to try again.

Which they did this year, upping the ante by comparing abortion to slavery, President Obama to the Angel of Death, and choice to Nazism … and this time they managed to secure a whopping 28% support en route to losing by a 3-1 margin.

Which, of course, means they are planning trying again in the next election:

Amendment 62 was defeated by a wide margin, but Keith Mason, head of the campaign, regards positive aspects as more people were informed that life starts at its biological beginning.

“Babies have been saved; women have chosen to give their children life because of the outreach of the campaign,” he points out. “We’ve made over a million and a half calls to people, educating them about the personhood of the preborn child.”

So as the public becomes better educated, Mason believes the proposal will eventually win in Colorado. “Our plan is to just to come right back and to do it again,” he reports.