They Came, They Saw, They Washed Their Feet

For the last few months, right-wing news sites have posted occasional, worried updates about the apparently growing presence of foot-washing facilities in public restrooms—a threat to the American way of life perhaps even greater than that of the bidet. For some, such as Islamist Watch and the Family Research Council, the issue was one of “preferential treatment” for Muslims who wash their feet before prayer. For others, this sanitary threat is far more sinister. In the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow, Minnesota activist Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries warned of an “Islamic Republic of Minnesota”:

Markell believes the demand for special accommodations at airports is part of a bigger agenda. “My question is, since they came here and they don’t want to adjust to American culture, what do they want to do? They don’t want to go back [to] wherever they’re from, but what do they want to do?” she asks.

“Some of us,” she adds, “are concerned that what they want to do is ‘Islamicize’ the United States.”

And Indianapolis pastor Jerry Hillenburg is planning a rally this weekend to protest plans to include foot-washing facilities in a new terminal at city’s airport. From WorldNetDaily:

“How do you eat an elephant?” Hillenburg asked during an interview with WND. “One bite at a time. And this is just the first bite of the elephant, a step towards Islam’s desired goal, which is to thrust the entire world under one single Islamic caliphate under sharia law.”

He told the Indianapolis newspaper that such actions reflect a “fraternization” with enemies during a time of war, and he’s calling on Mayor Bart Peterson to halt the installation of the facilities.

“When will the PC bureaucrats get a real clue from history and religious studies that appeasement is the worst way to counter the growing threat from Islamic radicals? To the PC crowd: ‘Muslim appeasement’ [equals] ‘showing weakness and thus vulnerability,'” added Missy Holtheofer, a “longtime [Kansas City International Airport] user.”