‘These People Got Helicopters, They Got Cocaine’: Alex Jones Wants Your Megachurch Tithe

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theory architect behind Infowars, asked his listeners to consider giving money to his operation rather than donating to large megachurches because he uses the money to fight the globalist world order instead of spending it on prostitutes, helicopters and cocaine.

In a typical fundraising pitch posted on YouTube yesterday, Jones stressed how important it is to financially support his organization and the local stations that carry his broadcast. He even suggested that financially supporting Infowars was better than donating to churches.

“Is your local church fighting the globalists?” Jones asked listeners. “Is it exposing the pedophile rings? Is it exposing the new world order?”

“These churches want to play it safe right into hell,” Jones said.

Jones went on to explain that he grew up near many prominent megachurch pastors in Dallas, Texas, and was exposed to “some of the biggest names out there” while growing up.

“I know about these preachers behind the scenes. Let me tell you, I’ve never seen hookers that look so good,” Jones said. “So you just need to understand these people got helicopters, they got cocaine, and they are partying.”

“Everyone worships these stupid preachers and they’re not doing anything to fight the world government,” Jones said.