The Stunning Hypocrisy Of The AFA’s ‘Thought Police’

The hosts of the American Family Association’s “Today’s Issues” radio program engaged in a stunning bit of hypocrisy this morning, as they spent a segment decrying the “thought police” who are criticizing gospel singer Kim Burrell for a sermon in which she railed against the “perverted homosexual spirit,” only to follow it up by attacking organizers of a Christian conference for allowing LGBT-friendly country star Carrie Underwood to perform.

AFA president Tim Wildmon and his cohosts heaped praise upon Burrell for standing by her anti-gay views while asserting that the “thought police” treat anyone who holds such views like “an illegitimate human being” who should not be allowed to appear in the public square.

Following that discussion, Wildmon and crew turned their attention to Underwood’s surprise appearance at the Passion Conference in Atlanta earlier this week, which they decried because “Carrie Underwood is openly embracing of homosexual marriage and the homosexual lifestyle.”

Underwood had no business performing at this Christian conference, Wildmon asserted, “because she’s completely wrong on this LGBT issue.”

After Wildmon’s son, Walker, said that Underwood’s presence “spoiled the whole thing,” cohost Ed Vitagliano declared that her pro-LGBT views should have automatically “disqualified” her from having any part in the conference because those views are “not from God.”

For his part, Wildmon could not understand how organizers could allow Underwood to perform, saying the fact that they “lack discernment on something as important as sexual morality in this day and age by inviting somebody who embraces LGBT to sing to 55,000 young people is stunning.”