The Right’s Response to 2008

I had been working on this post throughout the day, but before I actually got around to writing it I found that David Waters of the Post’s “On Faith” blog had already pretty much written it, so I figure I’ll just link to that and highlight this bit:

Officials at James Dobson’s Focus on the Family seem to agree. They chose to focus on the success of Tuesday’s anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives in Arizona, California and Florida. “A tremendous night for the cause of righteousness,” senior vice president Tom Minnery said on Focus’s CitizenLink webcast.

Southern Baptist leader Richard Land told Christianity Today that “Evangelicals did their part. The exit polling is showing that there’s no drop-off among evangelicals. The 2006 elections showed us that evangelicals can’t win elections by themselves. If indeed the three marriage initiatives win, it will show that the values voters were not the ones who lost this election. If evangelicals are sad about the election, I’m going to say, ‘Do you have faith in God? Is your faith in God or in government?'”