The Right’s Muted Response to Their Anti-Gay Victories

I’ve been having a bit of difficulty putting together a post regarding what the Right has to say about their anti-gay amendment wins in Florida, California, and Arizona not because I don’t know what to say about it, but because they don’t seem to know what to say about it. 

As of this writing, aside from thanking supporters and voters and insisting that their victory in California “doesn’t discriminate or take rights away from anyone,” no major Religious Right groups have had much to say about any of this.  Powerhouse groups like Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, Eagle Forum, and the ACLJ have all been oddly silent. 

In fact, the only things I’ve really been able to find have been Richard Land crowing that “if traditional marriage can win in California, it can win in any of the 50 states when it’s put to a vote of the people” and Ken Blackwell saying if Prop 8 “hadn’t passed, we would have seen a floodgate opened in terms of same-sex marriage. Now, we’ve closed that gate.” 

Of course, you can always count on Matt Barber to having something to say about it and he does not disappoint by providing his unique spin which suggests that Barack Obama’s historic victory last night means he is now obligated to embrace the Right’s anti-gay agenda:  

The passage of these three state constitutional amendments is an indicator that Obama, who has pledged full support for every single demand of extremist homosexual pressure groups, must recalibrate his far-left positions on these and other social issues if he wishes to be an effective leader … The institution of legitimate marriage is a cornerstone of any healthy society. If you introduce counterfeit money into society, it devalues the dollar. By the same token, if you introduce counterfeit “gay marriage” into society, it devalues the institution of natural marriage. President-elect Obama owes his African-American supporters and the rest of America assurances that he will work to protect the cornerstone institution of legitimate marriage and reject the free-speech killing, religious liberties chilling agenda of the radical homosexual lobby.”