The Right Wing Agenda Dressed Up As Polling Analysis

Janice Shaw Crouse on Concerned Women for America takes to the pages of Human Events to give the GOP a little electoral advice:  pay attention to married mothers (or M&Ms, as she likes to call them.)

These “Bible Study Moms,” Crouse argues, represent an important voting bloc that should be courted by the GOP and she runs through a litany of convoluted statistics regarding the 2000 and 2004 elections to make her case before reaching this groundbreaking conclusion

Given the importance of the 2006 election, politicians would be remiss not to note the importance of evangelicals — especially married mothers. They could determine the winners in key races, by voting or not, by their assessment of political stances on the social conservative issues (gay marriage, abortion, stem-cell research, and abstinence education).

In other words: there is a sub-set of the population that says they care about abortion, marriage, and stuff like that and they may or may not vote, so the GOP should pander to them to try and ensure that they do.    

That is not exactly pioneering analysis considering that that has pretty much been the Right’s basic message for the last two decades.