The Rifqa Bary Saga Comes To An End

It looks like the Rifqa Bary saga has come to an end, as both Rifqa and her parents have agreed that she can remain in foster care until she turns 18 in August, at which point she will be an adult:

Ultimately, the question of how to heal the deep rift between Fathima Rifqa Bary and her parents was too big for a courthouse.

Six months to the day since she ran away from home, Rifqa and her parents agreed yesterday in Franklin County Juvenile Court to stop arguing.

They decided that Rifqa would not move back home, at least for now, and they agreed that they would try to solve their problems with counseling.

Rifqa admitted she was unruly in running away from home in July, fleeing to Florida and the home of a married pastor couple. She will not be punished with any sanctions, such as fines or community service, for that admission.

Franklin County Children Services will retain temporary custody of Rifqa, who is living in a foster home. She likely will stay in foster care until her 18th birthday, after which she is an adult and free to live where she chooses.

While this may be the end of this particular saga, I highly doubt this is the last we have heard from her.  She already has ties to Lou Engle and considering that Engle has recently become a bona fide Religious Right leader, I think it is safe to assume that once she is an adult, Bary will find herself peddling her tale of persecution and deliverance to right-wing audiences all over the country.