The Response Organizers Say Rick Perry Is An Answer To Their Prayers

The American Family Association is taking to defend the prayer rally, The Response, that they are hosting with Texas Governor Rick Perry. The AFA’s OneNewsNow today interviewed Tom Schlueter of the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network to defend the rally, whose spokesman said is meant to bring people of different faiths “to seek out the living Christ” and worship Jesus.

The Texas Apostolic Prayer Network is just one of many ‘New Apostolic’ organizations to work with Gov. Perry and the AFA on The Response, and the group calls on people to file “a decree of divorce from Baal,” renounce Free Masonry, and pray for the conversion of Muslims who are “rooted Deeply into Satan’s schemes.” And the group’s advisers include leading ‘prophets’ in the New Apostolic movement like Cindy Jacobs and Doug Stringer, who are endorsers of The Response, and Chuck Pierce.

Schlueter tells the AFA’s OneNewsNow:

Dr. Tom Schlueter of the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network says many citizens have been praying for a political leader to be bold enough to call the nation to its knees.

According to Schlueter, the event is decidedly apolitical…but Perry is also the answer of prayers that God will raise up a leader to bring the country to prayer:

“One of the things that we have been asking the Lord for many, many years has been a time when one of our political leaders will rise up and make this kind of a call to the state or to the nation,” he shares.

As Rachel Tabachnick of Talk2Action notes, Schlueter once tied Hurricane Rita to the campaign to pass a constitutional amendment in Texas banning gay and lesbian couples from marrying:

Two weeks before Hurricane Rita hit Texas, the USSPN began a God-ordained national effort to bring the governmental rule of the King of Glory to our nation along the I-35 corridor. This effort began in the largest inland port in our nation, Laredo, Texas. Through Apostles Jay Swallow and Doug Stringer and Prophet Chuck Pierce, God positioned the Church of the region (Laredo, Texas, and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico) in unity and governmentally set the Church in order, commissioning the Church to develop and move with Kingdom authority. The United States of America will either be held together or divided by what occurs during the next three years along the I-35 corridor. What began with the Church of Laredo-Nuevo Laredo must continue all the way to the Canadian border. The Lord Jesus Christ wants the Church along the I-35 corridor to move in obedience to Him with unity, order, and authority.

That you are praying for Texas the week before the citizens of our state vote for or against God’s definition of marriage is NO coincidence. The people of Texas and especially the Church of Texas have been summoned to decide between two “opinions”. Will the Church “hesitate” between these two or will the Church follow God? The opposition is gathering their forces, meeting regularly, and planning strategically. We need the Lord to bring down fire from heaven to consume the plans of the enemy and to bring a downpour of rain to bless the efforts of those who are obediently and diligently trying to inspire and inform the Church of Texas about the upcoming vote concerning the marriage amendment.