The Quintessential Piece of Right-Wing Propaganda

I am not exactly sure which right-wing groups are behind the new “Values Voters USA” website but I assume that the American Family Association is involved, since I learned about it through one of their emails, perhaps along with Liberty Counsel, Wallbuilders, and the Family Research Council which are all listed on the site’s “resources” page.

We’ll find out sooner or later who put this all together, but for now I just want to call attention to the video they have produced which is a pretty remarkable piece of right-wing propaganda. 

Basically, everything you need to know about the Religious Right can be found right here in this video: their use of wedge issues; their reliance on fearmongering and victimization; their insistence that America is, has, and always must remain a Judeo-Christian country; their exploitation of religion for political purposes; all summed up in one four-minute video: