The Predictable Return of the National Black Republican Association

Via Sam Stein, we learn that the National Black Republican Association has made another of its election year forays onto the political scene with yet another series of ads spouting all sorts of nonsense.  

They first made a name for themselves back in 2006 when they ran a few ads, with one claiming that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican and another stating that “Democrats have bamboozled blacks” and “want to keep us poor while voting only Democrat.”  And now that the 2008 election if upon the nation, the NBRA has re-emerged with a new series of ads – one calling the Democratic Party racist, the other calling Barack Obama an elitist (Stein has the video):

1. Racist Democrats and Obama

Narrator: The Democratic Party is a racist party.

Bill and Hillary Clinton played the race card against Barack Obama.

Hillary supporter Paul Begala said the Democratic Party can’t win with just “eggheads and African-Americans.”

Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell said a large block of white Democrats in Pennsylvania would not vote for Obama because he is black.

Hillary said her supporters are white Democrats who will not vote for a black man.

The Democrats claim all the racist Democrats became Republicans.

That’s not true.

Racist Democrats declared they would vote for a “yellow dog” before a Republican because the Republican Party was the party for blacks.

Bull Conner, Lester Maddox, and George Wallace died Democrats. Former Klansman Robert Byrd is still a Democrat in Congress.

Today racist Democrats will not vote for Obama, a black man.

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2. Arrogant Obama

Narrator: Dr. King said judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

Barack Obama sounds good, but character is judged by action when no one is looking.

Obama voted no on the minimum wage bill.

Obama said no to school choice scholarships for poor black children trapped in failing schools.

Obama voted yes for a bill to kill babies born alive in a botched abortion.

Bitter is what Obama called blacks and whites who love God.

Racist is what Obama called his white grandmother who raised him and made sacrifices so Obama could get a good education and become a millionaire.

Obama’s friends are terrorist Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright who said innocent Americans deserved to die on September 11th.

Obama is an arrogant elitist who turned his back on poor blacks and his own country.

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These ads raise the questions of what the NBRA actually does other than running controversial ads every couple of years and just how much of an impact the organization has within the conservative movement?  Judging by their appearance at last year’s CPAC conference, the answer to both is not very much.

This is the main hall where most of the speakers and panels were hosted:


This is the tiny room at the end of a well-hidden hallway where the NBRA assured a few dozen listeners that the organization was slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with because last year their website received over one thousand visitors: