The Post Millennial and Jack Posobiec’s ​Odd​ly Close Relationship

(Image Art: Jared Holt ; Sources: Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons / Twitter/ Shutterstock)

The Post Millennial, a right-wing Canadian news site gaining fans among the U.S. far-right, has a strange degree of closeness with far-right propagandist and One America News Network figure Jack Posobiec, who​ the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch reports buil​t his modern-day career by collaborating with “white supremacists, neo-fascists and anti-Semites.”

Posobiec is among The Post Millennial’s biggest fans on Twitter. Since Posobiec first shared a link to a story published on The Post Millennial to his Twitter account on March 21, 2019, he has posted approximately 450 additional links to stories on the outlet’s site. By contrast, Posobiec has shared OANN links 54 times since July 2018. These counts do not include instances where Posobiec retweeted ​stories.

“Outstanding original journalism and commentary,” Posobiec wrote of The Post Millennial in September 2019. “One of the best and most straightforward new sites out there. Ton of respect for their work.”

It appears the affection is mutual. Google search results turned up more than 130 articles published on The Post Millennial in which Posobiec is mentioned by name, including instances where he is mentioned directly or his posts on Twitter are cited as source material in news articles. The outlet has also come to Posobiec’s defense when​ Posobiec​ has faced criticism​ for false reporting.

The Daily Beast reported in June that Posobiec had falsely claimed in a viral tweet that crates of pipe bombs were found near the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. as chaotic ​anti-racism protests ​rocked the nation’s capital city​. The Post Millennial published an article claiming that The Daily Beast had bungled it story​, but in its attempt at a refutation, it failed to produce proof that the reporting was inaccurate and that Posobiec had been telling the truth about the supposed pipe bombs. Rather, it allowed Posobiec to claim that an unnamed government agency not reached for comment by The Daily Beast had discovered the bombs. To date, no hard proof supporting this claim has been publicly produced.

In another article, The Post Millennial attacked CNN anchor Jake Tapper for drawing attention to words in a graphic shared to Twitter by Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson. The graphic pitted CNN ​Chief Media​ Correspondent Brian Stelter against Posobiec, stating that Stelter had “dubious loyalty” compared to Posobiec, who the graphic presented as being a “Devout Christian.” The comparison echoes centuries-old anti-Semitic tropes that allege Jewish people are only loyal to their religion, not the countries they reside in. Stelter is not Jewish, but far-right extremists have repeatedly claimed that he is while directing hate toward him. The Post Millennial accused Tapper of attacking Posobiec “for being Christian.”

During the rollout of an SPLC investigative reporting series on Posobiec’s connections to extremist figures, The Post Millennial published multiple articles defending Posobiec’s character and attacking the SPLC. One article claimed that the SPLC’s reporting was “filled with guilt by association smears” and highlighted Jewish right-wing figures who said they stood by​ Posobiec. Another story sought to smear SPLC’s current president for posing for a photograph in 2016 with celebrity Nick Cannon, who this summer lost his contract with ViacomCBS after making hateful and anti-Semitic remarks on a podcast.

​SPLC senior investigative reporter Michael E. Hayden told RWW that one such story was published​ by The Post Millennial after he reached out to Posobiec for comment regarding a photograph showing him at a “We Build the Wall” event alongside Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son. Hayden said that about one hour before his own article went live, The Post Millennial published its story on SPLC’s president being photographed with Cannon, which cites Posobiec as its primary source. Posobiec then tweeted the link to The Post Millennial’s story while his connections to Donald Trump Jr. were discussed online in wake of the SPLC’s story.

RWW emailed Posobiec to inquire about his relationship with The Post Millennial, asking if he had a working relationship with the site​, and if so, whether the connection ​was similar to the one he had to the congressional campaign of YouTube personality Joey “Salads” Saladino. According to FEC documents reported by The Daily Dot​ in 2019, Saladino’s campaign paid Posobiec hundreds of dollars for social media advertising.

Regarding The Post Millennial, Posobiec replied: “I just follow them on Twitter, read their stuff.” Posobiec told RWW he does not receive financial compensation from sharing links to content published at The Post Millennial​ nor does he have a formal relationship with the outlet.

The Post Millennial did not respond to interview requests sent via email. Current and former editorial staff did not respond to attempts to make contact via email and Twitter direct message.