The CWA Private Detective Agency

Concerned Women for American claims to have uncovered a leftist cabal that is working to link the debate about marriage equality to various other issues in an attempt to change the way the public views the issue.  

The fact that CWA seems not to know the name of this new coalition or any of its members did not stop it from sounding the alarm

Concerned Women for America (CWA) has learned about a broad coalition of far-left organizations which has launched a new strategy in the assault against the family; the so-called “same-sex marriage” movement wants to expand the marriage debate beyond what they are calling one-size-fits-all marriage to include issues like abstinence education, divorce laws, and marriage promotion efforts.  In addition, they want to link together people from diverse concerns –– sexual orientation, race, gender identity, class distinctions and citizenship status –– in their common effort to gain economic benefits.

Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, Senior Fellow at CWA’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, warned, “Having failed in most of their attempts thus far to get state legislation passed for homosexual ‘marriages,’ leftist groups have joined together to broaden their agenda and change their language in ways that will, they hope, be more palatable to the American public. They want to tear down all the norms and eliminate all barriers; they declare that traditional marriage should not be legally and economically privileged over all other forms of ‘family.’ The groups’ goals are to, by making end runs, gain a wide range of peripheral benefits that eventually will lead to achieving their ultimate goal –– same-sex marriages and the mainstreaming of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered persons (GLBT).”

For instance, the coalition will work to make access to government support programs available regardless of marital or citizenship status.  They will work to separate church and state in all matters related to relationships, households and families.  They will work to keep state regulations from impacting “sexual lives and gender choices, identities and expression.”

Crouse explained, “By using social justice rhetoric to frame pragmatic appeals to single parents, senior citizens, adults caring for their parents, primary caregivers and others who live in households together where traditional marriage is not at issue, this coalition hopes to establish policies and alternative legal statuses that will carry over and benefit same-sex couples and lead to legal recognition of such unions.”

The “new strategic vision” was signed by a wide variety of organizations that support the GLBT goals and “dare to dream” about a world that “has room for all.”  Crouse concluded, “Those who recognize the importance of marriage and family will realize that the coalition’s ‘soft’ rhetoric covers a hard wrecking ball capable of destroying those things that are the foundation of strong communities and nations.”

If CWA is seeking to expose this “dangerous” coalition’s allegedly nefarious plan, it might behoove them to provide some factual information rather than a bunch of vague accusations.  

On the other hand, if CWA is just trying to frighten its supporters and ideological allies, then vague accusations are the way to go. 

Since CWA won’t tell you just who or what is behind this terrifying movement, we will – it is called Beyond Marriage and you can read about it here.