The Cuccinelli Admiration Society

This New York Times profile of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli mentions his anti-gay views, his flirtations with Birtherism, and even his Social Security paranoia and notes that Cuccinelli’s magnetism for controversy is not sitting well with fellow Republican Governor Bob McDonnell.

But I think that was best demonstrates Cuccinelli’s radical views is the people who are coming to his defense:

“Ken is in tune with typical family people, people who work in this state,” said Robert G. Marshall, a Republican delegate from Prince William County. Mr. Cuccinelli’s popularity, he said, derives from his sharp legal mind and steadfastness to his principles regardless of what others think.

“When others make him seem controversial, it just raises his name recognition,” Mr. Marshall said.

That would be Bob Marshall, the Delegate who made news last month when he declared that disabled children were God’s punishment for abortion:

You know someone is radically right wing when Bob Marshall declares that they are doing a great job.